Friday, July 20, 2012

Saturday Blues...

Saturday afternoon has turned out to be full of surprises..
and special blue things which are never easily achieved for this little black duck!

Some kitchen scraps that would normally go to the chookies...

But we lost our flock earlier this week to a greedy fox who had been spying them from up the paddock.

So in honour of the fallen Eli gathered a bunch of feathers from the scene of the crime

and planted them with the Eurabie we planted on their grave...

I just love the tenderness Eli approached the whole affair, reverent and quiet..

A tough life lesson for us all..

Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally on Facebook!

 It was a cold and rather dark day at the  
"Creative fibre" market day in canberra yesterday! 

 Luckily i had a giant stall full of lovely warm wooly goodness...

Lots of new bush dyed Milkymerino TM clothing and scarves, 
helped to make some lovely peoples day a little warmer!

I get home to a house full of sick kiddies and one not so well man...

So i popped on down to my gorgeous friend Nikki's little burrow 
and collected some sweet smelling mixes of oils she has made up to help in their recovery... 

The house is now filled with the most wonderful aroma 
and everyone has fallen into a deep sleep in front of the fire.

It was all about survival today (as winter often is), just gathering wood for the fire
cooking warm things and having lots of cuddles with my little ones.

I did however manage to create a facebook page for 'My Liefie' 
so if you are that way inclined please pop on over and 'like' me...

 All feels a bit like high school, will i get picked for the team... 
No no just trying to connect with those far and wide
 in a way that doesn't involve me leaving my brood.