Saturday, February 2, 2013

New Year New Shop New Page...

After a very long break from all this computer stuff, i am rejoining the world so it seems...

School hols are over and the new year has begun with banners flip flapping and healthy summer bodies all around me.

I have been working on a whole bunch of things for a while now, 
but have just kept them to myself so far. So here goes it anyways...

My naive self built webpage is here which has links to everywhere i am online and will soon include a gallery and my current collection.

Pop on over if you feel inclined and feel free to spread the word to those who may be interested.

Peace x


  1. Hi Jemima,
    I just found you on Etsy while looking through sellers who make eco-printed textiles. Your work is lovely and I envy you your access to eucalyptus leaves, something we don't have here in Canada.I have been a textile artists for many years but just got into natural dye and print processes recent
    I also love your name 'my liefie' - 'my little love' and play on the 'little leaf' idea too - sweet and clever. (I am originally from South Africa). Wishing you all the best with your beautiful nature adornments and will follow you on Fabebook (Inkyspider)

  2. Hello Morgen yes thank you for your lovely compliments. Natural dyeing is a fun process and well worth picking up as part of your textile practice. I bet you have some great leaves to use in Canada. Maple leaves are some of my favourites :-)
    One of my sweetest oldest friends spent her youth in South Africa and used to call us all "My liefie" and i always felt very loved. It is a perfect name for such a beautiful process.
    All the best with the dyeing, maybe you could post some pics when you get some up and running xx

  3. That dress Jemima! It is absolute heaven!!!! You are so very talented : )

  4. Ooh you know i just got that one back from an exhibition... It is a size 10-12. Let me know if you are interested in measurements etc xx